Piano Lessons

There are eighty-eight keys on a piano and within that, an entire universe.

James Rhodes, concert pianist

Piano is a beautiful instrument, whether it be for playing, writing or even studying music as you can see every note separately. Hence there is a variety of reasons why people choose to take piano lessons.

One reason is due to the pianos nature of being a universal instrument which makes it an ideal tool for musicians of every level to write a song or figure out chord changes.

Another reason is this instrument is relatively easy to learn for music lovers who would rather play for pleasure than becoming great performers as its technique significantly faster to learn than for most other instruments.

Further, research suggests that piano lessons can boost brain power and even fight dementia. Children who take music lessons are often known to become more disciplined and do better in school than their peers who have no musical background as part of their childhood.

Each person is unique and has different goals when learning piano. Whether it be composing music, becoming a professional performer, learning to play for the love of music or even simply playing grandma’s favourite song for her birthday; each lesson will be tailored to fit your goals, musical interests and learning style.

The lesson curriculum includes technique, theory, sight-reading, ear-training and playing. Every lesson combines educational and entertaining aspects in order to instill the most positive experience.

Before you decide to take Piano Lessons, please figure out how long and how often you can practice because the best result in playing musical instrument come with practice. From my end, I will do everything to make our Piano Lessons educational, efficient and enjoyable because playing music is good for you.

The first lesson is a free 30 minute trial lesson. After that each lesson will be paid.

Please feel free to call me on 9943 2289, if you require any further information.